Acupuncture Services
for Women , Men and Teens

Located in the heart of uptown Houston, Solstice Acupuncture and Wellness provides acupuncture treatments that are personalized for each of my patients. Specializing in individualized, high quality holistic care rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while also understanding the value of Western medicine, my goal is to empower my patients to prevent and reverse chronic disease, achieve optimal health and recover a balanced lifestyle.  Fatigue, aches and pains, insomnia, stress and women’s health issues are all signs of imbalances that can be helped with TCM.I want my patients to feel their best again! All this is done in a warm, nurturing space, an oasis amidst the stress of modern Houstonians lives 


Lower back, Hip and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sport injuries, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis and sciatica, migraines and tension headaches, frequent cold, allergies, GI Infertility, PMS, menopause, irregular or painful periods, morning sickness, pregnancy related pain and discomforts, anxiety and insomnia, PTSD, Smoking cessation, weight management



Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points in the body. The wide range of conditions acupuncture can treat is immense, and with minimal side effects and almost no contraindications, acupuncture has been proven to help in alleviating PTSD, insomnia, chronic and acute pain, sport injuries, chemo induced nausea, and many other ailments. Acupuncture will not only help heal your body but will enhance and promote mental and emotional well-being.


I believe beauty comes from within and we provide treatment that enhances this belief. Facial acupuncture addresses constitutional imbalances to reveal a more radiant and youthful skin. The link between optimum health and physical beauty is undeniable and by using massage, acupuncture and nutrition in combination with skincare technology we tighten and tone muscles, reduce fine lines and improve blood circulation for a healthy glow. It’s a natural approach to natural looking results.

Rejuvenate the natural way and enhance your glow by combining ancient Chinese techniques with cutting edge skincare technology. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tone sagging facial muscles and drain excess fluid retention .

Get a tailored facial and body acupuncture combined with LED light. Other tools and techniques may include facial rolling. derma rolling, Gua Sha, facial cupping and micro current treatments.


The approach in Eastern Medicine to treating acne is to read the signs and symptoms from your body to detect where there is inflammation. The skin is our larger organ and inevitably suffers the consequences of internal imbalances. In traditional Chinese medicine acne is the result of internal excess of heat and “damp“ accumulation, along with a system that has become sluggish at detoxing. As adult acne becomes a more frequent occurrence, breakouts and unstable skin is no longer a condition encountered exclusively during adolescence. Healing the skin takes time, but the results obtained with Chinese herbs and acupuncture are more permanent and gentle to the whole organism than traditional approaches that strip the skin of its natural barrier and leave it irritated and reactive. Our treatment includes a combination of Chinese herbal prescription, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage to promote the elimination of stagnated toxins, clear the skin and promote collagen production. While controlling acute breakouts, I also place emphasis in treating residual hyperpigmentation and scarring, a result of years of inflamed skin.


Cupping is an ancient technique that uses glass cups suction devices that by creating negative pressure on the skin release pain and muscle stiffness and encourages blood flow. Usually both acupuncture and cupping are combined in one session for optimal results. Cupping has become very popular in recent years with athletes due its effectiveness in alleviating sore muscles due to overuse.



Herbology plays a major role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Just like Acupuncture,  herbal medicine address several disfunctions to bring balance to the body. Most Chinese herbs are used in formulas and are taken in "tea" form. Several presentations are available at our clinic (pills, capsules, granules, etc). Please discuss with Soledad which option will better suit your lifestyle.